viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

Sabina Berman's resume

Sabina Berman is Mexico’s leading playwright. She has written for the stage and screen since 1980. Her best-known plays include the critically-acclaimed: Between Pancho Villa and a Naked Woman (“ a comic deconstruction of Mexican machismo that has enjoyed multiple productions abroad” Francine A’ness); Moliere; and Freud Skating -- all of which are political comedies. These three straight dramas each ran for over two years in Mexico City, were produced across Latin America and in translation in Europe and at several  American and university theaters, including the Tarragon Theatre in Toronto and the Alberta Theatre Projects in Calgary. She also taught theater at UC Berkeley, and has lectured at New York University, Cornell, University of Maryland,Yale.

  Born in 1955 to Eastern European Jews, she grew up in Mexico City and has, in    addition to working in theater, written two novels as well as a novelist and televisión personality. Her last book, The Woman who dived into the heart of the World, will be be published in 33 countries (U.S. in 2012). She is also the host of Shalalá, TV Azteca, a weekly TV series of interviews with artists, politicians, scientists and literary figures in Mexico.

in her book Sediciosas Seduciones, American critic Jacqueline Bixler writes that Sabina Berman’s work combines sex, power and words. For more links to critics of Berman’s work, please see: